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Dixon Smith Equestrian stocks a wide range of quality long distance riding equipment.

We are Australian Distributors of the DA BRIM Helmet Brims & Visors, made in USA.
Sun Protection for your Sporting helmets - Cycling, Climbing, Paddling, Snowboarding,
Skiing, Skateboarding & Equestrian.

Featured Products

Polar Equine Healthcheck Heart Rate Monitor
NEW IMPROVED MODEL: BASIC HAND HELD HRM. For checking your horse's resting & recovery heart rate. This package includes - * Polar Equine Receiver * Polar Transmitter * Polar Handlebar * User Manuel Place the transmitter against the coat of the horse in the prescribed position. Keep the receiver within 1 metre of the transmitter. Press the button to start, Heart rate symbol flashes to the beat of ...
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Da Brim Cycling SPORTY Helmet Brim
* Requires no modifications to your helmet or sticky adhesives * Air flows freely through helmet vents, promoting cooling * Helps block glare * Adjustable front visor angle to see forward while in a head down riding position * Front strap keeps brim from flopping forward and impairing vision * Rear brim height adjustment for use with backpacks and mirrors * Reinforced brim edge for added stability * Test...
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DA BRIM Equestrian Petitie Helmet Brim
Da Brim Helmet Brims attach easily with no sticky adhesives. Offering horse riders the flexibility of shading their face, neck and ears by 360 degrees when required. UPF50+ sun protection and blocks 97% of sun radiation. Stays securely in place in windy conditions even at a gallop. Da brim Petite is 2 cm smaller in the width of the brim....
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